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This network is part of the Flow House and Zen Pad Community and consists of individuals from all over the world who have taken upon a mission to Silicon Valley. We're building this community with the purpose of further integrating international visitors & locals into the tech scene of San Francisco Bay Area. This network consists of startup founders, YC candidates & alumni, software & hardware engineers, researchers, interns, managers/directors, fortune 500 counterparts, pioneers and investors from all around the globe. To view a list of featured members, see:
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Silicon Valley attracts some of the most innovative people around the world! Whether you are here on business or just visiting the area, if you're up to something interesting, you should definitely reserve a time to meet.

Jason Weber
Founder of Flow Enterprises LLC & Flow House™, worked at Amazon, HP & Intel. Inventor of four issued patents. Into High-Tech & the Hustle. Seeking to connect with entrepreneurs and engineers.

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